Unity Flow - Da-Flow Team Heavyweight Industries conceived in the early 90's and founded in 1666 by Xghettosixsixsix (Golgo), 3-Dead and Dirty Dragon (Furia) , Da-Flow HWI (BBS) is an art/design studio based in Mexico City whose principles are artists and designers who came together with similar thoughts, interests in art, street culture and music. 


In the beginning, it was set as a team, with 12 active members. All of the members were connected by a common goal: to inject visually engaging work into the advertising and branding world in their country, which was still very corporate and largely untouched by this type of creativity. Although the rest of the world was starting to evolve in this direction, there was little room for these artists within the societal structure. And so, they created their own niche, and pioneered the rise of contemporary and street art in Mexico and the world, which continues to thrive today.


Da-Flow Team has been designing and creating art over the last 20 years, collaborating with brands both big and small, with works & projects consistently distributed within boutiques and galleries worldwide. Today, the team consists of 2 members; Golgo, Lil Mister P.  


Quality reigns over everything for Da-Flow. They continue to produce fine art and top quality products, even with the brands they have been inspired by since childhood. There is a clear emphasis on individuality within their designs. Their signature style portrays aggressive imagery, sharp graphics and art-infused details. They have stayed true to their intentions and continue to transcend trends by use of mastered skill and a clear vision, while staying relevant in art and fashion today.


"The inner self is the true self. In order to realize our true self, we must be willing to live without being dependent upon the opinion of others."